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13 of the Smartest Marketing Campaigns of 2022 and What We Can Learn From Them

By AMA Colorado

Netflix’s Wednesday 

Thanks to the marketing efforts, Netflix's show Wednesday became the most-watched series on the platform. One idea was to place different Wednesday Addams' quotes in various social settings. From billboards on the streets to...

Is Content Still King? Marketers and CEOs Share Their Strategies for 2023

By AMA Colorado

Use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

In 2023, our marketing team will take an innovative and forward-thinking approach to content marketing. We plan to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop a data-driven strategy...

Branding Yourself: How to Stand Out From the Crowd

By AMA Colorado

In today’s market, consumers face a quantity problem when it comes to selecting goods and services. Even within a certain industry, there are hundreds if not thousands of reputable companies to choose from. So why would a customer choose you,...

11 Career Opportunities for Marketers Today

By AMA Colorado

To help you identify the best Marketing career opportunities, we asked career coaches and marketing professionals this question for their best recommendations. From Content Marketing to Consumer Behavior Analytics, there are several careers that are...

12 Tips for Changing Marketing Careers

By AMA Colorado

To help you change careers in the marketing field, we asked career coaches and marketing professionals this question for their best advice. From looking into relevant certifications to committing a hundred percent to the effort, there are several...

11 Tips For Transitioning From Sales to Marketing

By AMA Colorado

To help you transition smoothly from sales to marketing, we asked CEOs and marketing experts this question for their best insights. From identifying your niche to understanding customer trends in marketing, there are several tips that may help you...

14 Places To Look For Insights In Marketing Strategy

By AMA Colorado

To help you gain an edge in your marketing efforts, we asked marketing experts and entrepreneurs this question for their best insights. From studying the audience data from your Facebook page to selecting a company to benchmark, there are several...

How To Increase App Engagement: 10 App Retention Strategies

By AMA Colorado

From incorporating push notifications to gamifying the app, there are several strategies that may help you increase engagement and retention on your app.

Start Your Career in Marketing: 12 Marketing Basics To Master

By AMA Colorado

Here are 12 marketing basics to master:

  • Working Knowledge of Data Analytics
  • Experimentation
  • Social Media Management
  • Public Speaking
  • Research Businesses
  • Write Effective Marketing Copy
  • Monitor Backlinks In Ahrefs
  • Storytelling
  • Behavioral Science
  • ...

5 Best Practices for Ethically Marketing Fast Food to Children

By Paul Alyar, SB Fort, Kassidy Gamble, Ali Lasday, and Emily Siegel

As children represent a large portion of this growth, marketing to children could cause future implications for your brand’s reputation.

Follow these five steps to market fast food ethically. 

  1. Advertise Kid Meals on Adult or Family Shows