Personalizing Your Marketing Campaigns: 14 Strategies

What is one strategy to personalize your marketing campaign?

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Written by AMA Colorado

To help you personalize your marketing campaigns effectively, we asked marketing experts and business leaders this question for their best insights. From touching on customers’ common pain points to investing in data, there are several tips that would help you personalize all aspects of your marketing to strongly connect with your target audience.

Here are 14 strategies these leaders adopt in personalizing their marketing campaigns:

  • Touch on Customers’ Common Pain Points
  • Tailor Marketing Campaigns Based on Product Usage
  • Conduct Competitive Reviews of Products that Customers are Interested in
  • Create a Community Digitally Around Your Brand
  • Target Your Audience With User-Generated Content
  • Focus on Your Prospects Preferred Platforms and Media
  • Use AI-Powered Marketing Tools for Personalization
  • Automate Real Handwritten Notes Using Zapier
  • Create Instant Custom Reports With Scoreapp
  • Send Discounts Via Direct Message
  • Use Anecdotes from Your Personal Story
  • Refine Buyer Persona Segments and Tailor Your Message Accordingly
  • Create Personalized Opt-in Forms and Thank You Pages
  • Invest in Data to Enable Personalization


Touch on Customers Common Pain Points

It’s difficult to blast campaigns to the masses and speak directly to any one customer at any given time, but you are more likely to personalize campaigns if you reach audiences on an emotional level and touch upon common pain points. No two shoppers are exactly the same but they share common frustrations, so speaking to how your product or service will alleviate them as a part of your marketing strategy is more compelling than simply rambling off product features. 

Addressing common issues, recognizing everyday frustrations, and then proposing solutions, will help align your campaign with your customers while building a more robust relationship with customers. Even better, if you’re able to tug at the heart strings – whether through laughter or tears – you can personalize and humanize a customer’s experience with your company. By relating to your audiences rather than selling to them, you can better personalize your marketing campaign and build brand trust for future ones.

Greg Gillman, MuteSix


Tailor Marketing Campaigns Based on Product Usage

One super powerful way of improving your marketing campaigns is tailoring them to past website or product usage. For example, if you have a user on a free plan, your marketing should align with trying to get them onto a paid plan versus trying to get them to convert at all. Or, if you have a user that's visited your pricing page three or more times, you could run a campaign that offers them a coupon.

Quincy Smith, TEFL Hero


Conduct Competitive Reviews of Products that Customers are Interested in

Do product comparisons, reviews and introductions of new products that are of interest to your audience. It won't matter if your product comes out on top in a review or a comparison. While you may occasionally push customers into spending money elsewhere, you'll also gain credibility and authority as an expert in your brand. That trust in your brand's opinion can later be geared toward marketing both existing and new products from your brand. With a bit of extra effort, you may even be able to leverage some consumer opinions into improving future products. Use your campaign to build some lasting authority in your industry, it will pay off in the long run.

Boye Fajinmi, TheFutureParty


Create a Community Digitally Around Your Brand

How about you create a digital community around your line of work? Once you build a community and start seeing a dialogue between its members, pay attention to what people are saying. This is your cue. Your clients, both current and potential ones, are more than a source of cash flow. They're people with different dreams, ideas, or interests, and you can learn a great deal about what to do to bridge the gap between the seller and the client. React well to what they're saying and you'll be on your way to creating a loyal fanbase.

Natalia Brzezinska, PhotoAiD


Target Your Audience With User-Generated Content

User-generated content is ideal for personalization prospecting even if it is regularly neglected. It's the kind of content that urges more sharing and engagement on social media. This is an ideal way to increase interference with prospects. Just as it helps to strengthen the relationship you have through sharing on your accounts.

Ilija Sekulov, Mailbutler


Focus on Your Prospects Preferred Platforms and Media

There are a number of ways you can segment your email lists and tailor messages based on demographics and other factors, but I would actually suggest developing your assets and marketing materials based on favored mediums. In other words, zero in on a lead’s favored media style - video, newsletter, podcast, etc. Lean into their preferred platforms and media. If you acquired a target via YouTube, they clearly prefer video. If they linked over to you from a podcast, they love auditory experiences. If they signed up for your newsletter via your website, they prefer web and email. You get it. Don't try to develop one-size-fits-all assets. Different leads prefer different mediums and media types. So develop a wide range of assets and canvas your prospects with the media type they have shown a preference for.

John Ross, Test Prep Insight


Use AI-Powered Marketing Tools for Personalization

AI-Powered Marketing can help marketers reach their target audience with customization and hyper-personalization. With the rise of AI-powered email marketing tools, there is no excuse to send an email to a prospect that says "Dear Customer" or "Dear X". Despite the rise of AI marketing tools, this marketing mistake is still all too common in email marketing campaigns that lack personalization and customization. Regularly clean out your list and use innovative technology to reach your reader on a personal level.

Kristen Ruby, Ruby Media Group

Kristen Ruby - Pullquote - AMAColorado

Automate Real Handwritten Notes Using Zapier

One strategy to personalize your marketing campaign is to automate handwritten thank you notes. You can use Zapier to automatically send a handwritten thank you note after someone signs up for your email list, makes a purchase, or downloads one of your white papers. Another way to personalize your marketing campaign is to use custom fields in your CRM system. For example, if you sell different products to different customers, you can create a custom field for each customer's product preferences. Then, when you send an automated email campaign, you can include information about the customer's preferred products. This will help you to create personalized emails that are more relevant to each individual customer.

Rick Elmore, Handwritten Thank You Notes


Create Instant Custom Reports With Scoreapp

This is a nifty tool that we're experimenting with at our marketing agency. No affiliation! Basically, you can make a quiz about any subject, such as IT security, then generate instant, personalized results based on the quiz-takers answers. The cool bit comes next. You can then build a PDF report with dynamic copy that is personalized to those results, offering further advice and resources. It takes a good amount of copywriting, but once it's done, from a user perspective, it's generated in seconds and looks very impressive. Basically, you utilize it as a means for prospects to self-diagnose their issues. Then, you sweep in with the answers to all their problems. Here's an example of what this looks like:

Matthew Stibbe, Articulate Marketing


Send Discounts Via Direct Message

It's uncommon to hear of brands directly messaging their followers with special discounts – which makes this strategy all the more exciting. Choose a set number of discount codes, scroll through the engagement on your brand's Instagram or Facebook page, and begin messaging followers, thanking them for their likes or thoughtful comments. Direct message discounts add a unique personal touch to any new marketing campaign rollout.

Cesar Cruz, Sebastian Cruz Couture


Use Anecdotes from Your Personal Story

Tap into your personal story. Talk about what led you to working on behalf of the brand you’re associated with. What drew you to it and how did it improve your life? People will respond positively to personal stories. They may not work on everyone, but don’t stop with the personal anecdotes as a means to sell your brand. Over time, you’ll find the customers who will appreciate them and will want to buy in. Make your personal story a focal point of your marketing. If it’s interesting enough and told effectively enough, that marketing strategy will work.

Trevor Ford, Yotta


Refine Buyer Persona Segments and Tailor Your Message Accordingly

Establish buyer personas that segment audiences by age, gender, location, and interests. The closer businesses get to refining these personas to represent their ideal customers, the more likely they are to craft content and brand messaging that sticks. If a brand occupies a niche, those companies should get to know what similarities and differences customers share. The more precisely businesses can dial in the sweeping similarities and major differences in target audiences, the more effectively personalized segmentation will convert those audiences. Start with what you already know using customer insights and website analytics. Eventually, there will be clear delineations in your target audiences’ preferences that inform marketing strategies moving forward.

Shawn Munoz, Pure Relief


Create Personalized Opt-in Forms and Thank You Pages

You can have the most successful campaign in the world in terms of reach, but the key is ensuring you get the client's details. That's why your forms and thank you landing pages should also provide value to the customers. These pages can be as personalized as you want. You can leverage the data to get knowledge about your customers to design marketing copy and customize the form and page layout, providing something for free that's best aligned with their needs.

Thank you pages are an excellent opportunity to include our best-performing content that is relevant to the users and contains special offers. They are also a great way to strengthen your relationship with existing customers and your brand.

Mariusz Michalowski, Spacelift

Mariusz Michalowski - Pullquote - AMAColorado

Invest in Data to Enable Personalization

To personalize a marketing campaign, you need first to know something about the people in it. This could be in the form of demographics, firmographics, technographics, or behavioral data. For example, if you’re marketing an email software tool, you could personalize your message to a member of your campaign based on their job title (demographic), employer (firmographic), CRM (technographic), and review site buyer intent (behavioral). Personalizing your marketing campaign is an important part of cutting through the noise.

Joe Kevens, B2B SaaS Reviews (and PartnerStack)


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