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How to Slay Your SEO Strategy in 2021

By Kristy LaPlante

According to the experts at, the rate at which Google and other search engines make changes to their ranking algorithms has significantly increased over the years. While there’s no magic bullet to keeping up with all of these SEO updates,...

Meet The Board | Amanda Hudgins

By AMA Colorado

Our first featured Board Member of 2021 is our Director of Email Communications, Amanda Hudgins. Amanda joined the AMA Colorado Board this year and has taken on our email program. She has been a key factor in the success of our emails,...

Slack 101: A Quick Guide to Using the Members Only Slack Channel

By AMA Colorado

What is Slack?

Slack is a web application many companies use to communicate with their teams – think of it as instant messenger for the modern day. You can also download the app on your phone or computer for easy access.

Career 411 | Resume Tips from Career Coach Nikki Massman

By Nicki Massman

Resume Tips

If you are a part of the current workforce, it’s critical to always have a sharp resume that you feel confident about and accurately reflects your expertise and career accomplishments – whether you are currently in the job market...

2021 Kick-off: New Year, Continued Focus

By Leanna Jackson

The last six months have presented many challenges for our chapter to navigate: from transitioning to virtual events, to launching our new website and finding new ways to add value to your AMA Membership. Our team has been working to find...

A New Look for the Members Only Slack Channel

By AMA Colorado

Previously, our Slack channels were set up in a one-channel format. As engagement has grown, we are moving to a new format to make it easier for members find content and events, share job postings, and connect with the community.

5 Best Practices for Ethically Marketing Fast Food to Children

By Paul Alyar, SB Fort, Kassidy Gamble, Ali Lasday, and Emily Siegel

As children represent a large portion of this growth, marketing to children could cause future implications for your brand’s reputation.

Follow these five steps to market fast food ethically. 

  1. Advertise Kid Meals on Adult or Family Shows 


The 'Why' Behind Our New Website Design

By AMA Colorado

Meet Danielle Shearer, AMA Colorado's Director of Graphic Design. This year she was a key part in our website redesign, and has answered a few questions about her process and the 'Why' behind the design choices she made.

To start it off, how long...

Meet The Board | Mary McCarthy

By AMA Colorado

Our second featured Board Member this month is our Director of Capstone Events, Mary McCarthy. Mary joined the AMA Colorado Board this year and has been working to plan many great, new events for our community! Most recently, Mary led the charge...

Meet The Board | Jake Beckstead

By AMA Colorado

Our first featured Board Member is our VP of Data and Strategy, Jake Beckstead. Jake has been on the AMA Colorado Board for several years and most recently lead the team on our website redesign!