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The Marketer's Quick Guide to Website Performance

By Bear Group

Your website doesn’t need to be the fastest on the internet (this is especially true if you value a rich brand experience). However, your website does need to perform well — hopefully, better than well — to meet the customer expectations.

The Best Pieces of Marketing Advice You Can Now Ignore

By AMA Colorado

The pandemic has made a lot of best practices and best pieces of advice obsolete in marketing. What is one traditional piece of marketing wisdom that marketing professionals should now discard and ignore?

Meet The Board | Morgan Newnham

By AMA Colorado

Our next featured Board Member this year is Morgan Newnham! Morgan serves the board as Director of Graphic Design.

11 Digital Marketing KPIs Every Small Business Should Measure

By Terkel

What is one KPI a small business should measure in digital marketing?

Let’s Help Those Impacted by the Colorado Wildfires

By Marie Knowles

Dear AMA Colorado Members and Marketing Community,

If you’re like me, you watched in horror as wildfires decimated neighborhoods in Colorado last week. We’ve since learned that nearly 1,000 homes and structures were damaged and destroyed. 

Meet The Board | Jessica Loeschen

By AMA Colorado

Our next featured Board Member this year is Jessica Loeschen! Jessica is returning to the board as Director of Social Media. She is one of the brains behind the various social media profiles of AMA Colorado.

How to Learn Digital Marketing: 8 Tips From Digital Marketing Experts

By AMA Colorado

What is one tip you have for someone looking to learn digital marketing?

To help you learn about digital marketing, we asked marketing experts and business leaders this question for their best advice. From interning at a marketing agency to starting...

Meet The Board | Laura Thomas

By AMA Colorado

Our next featured Board Member this year is Laura Thomas. This is Laura's first year on the board and is our Director of Educational Events. We have a lot planned this year, and Laura is at the forefront!

Meet The Board | Director of Email, Amanda Hudgins

By AMA Colorado

Our first featured Board Member of the 2021-2022 board year is our Director of Email, Amanda Hudgins. This is Amanda's second year on the board, and her second time receiving a nomination to be featured! She is truly an asset to our team and has...