A New Look for the Members Only Slack Channel

When we launched our Members Only Slack Channel in September 2020, our goal was to help connect our members in a new way. As the channel has grown, we recently decided to reformat in order to help members find content, get information about events, and connect with each other easier than ever before.

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Written by AMA Colorado

Previously, our Slack channels were set up in a one-channel format. As engagement has grown, we are moving to a new format to make it easier for members find content and events, share job postings, and connect with the community.

Here's a quick look at the new format and what you can expect as an AMA Colorado member:


The AMA Colorado team will be using this channel is to share new events + important AMA news. This is your spot for staying in the know of any important announcements from the AMA Colorado Board.


A place dedicated to introducing yourself to the AMA community! Share your education and career background and connect with marketers who may have knowledge you want to learn.


Your one-stop-shop for all topics marketing. Share your latest marketing tactics, trends and articles you find interesting, and ask questions about anything you want to know. Let the discussion begin!


Hiring for your company or know another company who's hiring? Post the position and job description in here. Are you looking for a new opportunity? Reach out to the community and share your skillset, you never know who might be hiring!


In this channel, you can share photos of your weekend adventures and cute pets, post your favorite links to podcasts, articles or books, and promote what you're currently working on. Chat about literally anything that you'd normally chat about around the coffee pot!


New feature! Join in for weekly 1:1, virtual coffees with other AMA members! This optional integration through the Donut app allows you to join in when you want to build your network, and drop out if you've got a busy week.


Want to take advantage of this great AMA Member benefit? Sign up to be a member today!