Mid-Year Refresh: AMA CO Board Meets to Continue Planning for 2022

The AMA Colorado board year runs July - June, which means our mid-year point is here! Over the weekend, the AMA CO board met to realign our goals for the year and brainstorm new ideas to bring value to our members.

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Written by AMA Colorado

AMA Colorado meets every February to discuss our goals for the remainder of the Board year. This year, we were joined by Author and AMA Colorado Past President, Aaron Templar. Aaron spoke with the team about his journey with AMA and the value he has found in the community.

The Board also broke into teams to discuss how we can better provide value to members for the rest of the year. We discussed everything from events to messaging on our website to DEI initiatives. We can't wait to share more with our members soon!

A Few Words from AMA Colorado's Past President

For a brief time in our meeting, past President Aaron Templer joined the Board to share his experience with AMA and help reinvigorate the team. Aaron's story with AMA Colorado started when he was asked to be the President of the Board in 2016.

After his time with AMA Colorado, Aaron was asked to join the Professional Chapter Council (PCC) with AMA Nationals. The PCC is a group of 12 past board Presidents who act as advisors for chapters around the country. This group helps create materials for Board Member training and joins committees to help take AMA to the next level. Aaron was most recently on the DEI Committee, helping drive diversity initiatives within local chapters. 

"The more you put into AMA–and the more genuine you are–the more you get out of your time as a member." - Aaron Templer

Aaron wrapped his talk with the board with a few thoughts about the value of the AMA and its local chapters:

  • Joining helps you create better networks of peers for collaboration, job opportunities, and general connections
  • Sponsorships with the AMA give local businesses a chance to extend their reach
  • Local chapters are the lifeline for the AMA organization.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful insight and story, Aaron!

What does this mean for AMA Colorado? It means that you–our members– are the most valuable piece of our chapter.

We value your input, ideas, and participation in our events and Slack channels. We appreciate your connections to local businesses for partnerships and knowledge sharing. Everything we do as a Board centers around bringing value to you through events, content, and more.


Keep an eye on our website, email, and/or social channels for more info on updates for the second half of the year!



The AMA Colorado Team