Meet The Board | Jake Beckstead

Every month, we select one Board Member as our Board Member of the Month based upon the work they contribute to our team and (most importantly) our members. Since we are wrapping up 2020, this month we selected two! Meet the second, Jake Beckstead, below:

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Written by AMA Colorado

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Our first featured Board Member is our VP of Data and Strategy, Jake Beckstead. Jake has been on the AMA Colorado Board for several years and most recently lead the team on our website redesign!

Get to know Jake and why he joined AMA:

Where do you currently work?

Bailey’s Moving & Storage

Why did you join AMA? What is your favorite part?

"I joined AMA to meet and collaborate with talented marketers outside of my industry and learn what makes them awesome! I love hearing and learning from new ideas of others. AMA has given a great place to hear from so many talented people."

What’s a work-related accomplishment that you’re really proud of?

"We just finished a brand new website, written in angular and SEO optimized it. Those two things don’t always go together, and I feel like we made a great stride forward in an awesome user experience that gives us tremendous room to grow for the future. We also didn’t have to sacrifice SEO and digital strategy. It was challenging, ground-breaking, but fun at the same time. We’re ahead of any other moving company I know in our website capabilities. I’ve even fielded a few calls from industry peers asking “how’d you do that?”, which made the whole experience even that much more worth it."

Keep an eye out for more amazing things from Jake this year!