Meet The Board | Dannielle Stewart

Every month, we select one Board Member as our Board Member of the Month based upon the work they contribute to our team and (most importantly) our members. This month, our team has gone above and beyond so we picked two! First up is Dannielle Stewart. Get to know Dannielle below:

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Written by AMA Colorado

IMG_4011 - Dannielle Stewart

Our first featured Board Member of 2021 for April is our Director of Programming, Dannielle Stewart. Dannielle joined the AMA Colorado Board this year and has created many great events. Check out the March DEI Workshop, which Dannielle helped bring to life!

Get to know Dannielle and why she joined AMA:

Where do you currently work?

The Lion Project | Lion Media Group

Why did you join AMA? What is your favorite part?

"I joined AMA Colorado after getting to collaborate on the first annual Marketing for a Mission. While it was disrupted by the pandemic, I found amazing board members and wanted to stay connected to the membership.

My favorite part of AMA Colorado is absolutely the people - even with the safety restrictions of the last year, I have expanded my network and made wonderful connections as well as friends. I also love getting to be a part of Programming Team and offering training that is from the minds of those doing the work in the moment. We're able to be flexible and adjust programming quickly to adapt to the changing marketplace and climate; to be adaptable to changing social conditions.

What’s a work-related accomplishment that you’re really proud of?

"In 2020, I was able to create high-impact storytelling for many nonprofits AND businesses serving on the front lines of the pandemic including in the areas of wellness, housing, homelessness, mental health, the foster care space while continuing to offer a high-value, turnkey CSR solution for small - large size businesses. I have been able to create and maintain meaningful bridges between nonprofits and businesses that both serve the community."

What is a cool project you're currently working on?

"Currently, I am producing a virtual gala for Museo de las Americas, an incredible institution here in Denver with a project that honors their 30th anniversary and also weaves together storytelling, music and live art creation, indigenous, Latino and Chicano experience, folk art, modern and fine art, photography and also has an altruistic and an impactful call to action and highlights collections as well as programming. It's truly been incredible working with this team."

What’s the best advice you were ever given? Who was it from?

"In my time at the University of Nebraska CoJMC, I had a mentor who has a producer for CBS in New York and created the "The More You Know Campaign." She encourage me to think about what my career would look like as a pinball machine rather than a linear journey. This vision allowed me to be more open to big twists, turns and even the jumping-of-ships than I would have ever been."

Want to connect with Dannielle? Find her in our Members Only Slack channel or on LinkedIn!