Meet The Board | Jessica Loeschen

Every month, we select one Board Member as our Board Member of the Month based upon the work they contribute to our team and (most importantly) our members. This month's nomination is Jessica Loeschen! Get to know Jessica below:

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Written by AMA Colorado

Cropped Jessica 21-22Our next featured Board Member this year is Jessica Loeschen! Jessica is returning to the board as Director of Social Media. She is one of the brains behind the various social media profiles of AMA Colorado.

Get to know Jessica and why she joined AMA:

Where do you currently work?


Why did you join AMA? What is your favorite part?

I joined AMA Colorado to make connections with Denver-area marketing professionals and help grow my career. AMA has been a great resource for marketing news and trends, local events, and professional development, and running our social media accounts keeps me up-to-date in these areas. My favorite part is definitely managing and creating our social posts, and strategizing growth and engagement with timely content. Plus I get to work with some amazingly talented fellow board members!

What makes you passionate about the work you do?

When I am looking for a new restaurant to try or learn more about a local small business, I check out their social media accounts to get a feel for how they interact with their customers and the quality of their service or products. This is what I like most about my job - providing the content that potential customers look at when making purchase decisions and growing brand awareness by doing so. Social media channels provide a great way to showcase what a business or person is all about and an easy way to interact with potential customers. I enjoy creating content, strategizing growth and engagement, and providing an informative, fun outlet to grow brand awareness for my accounts.


Want to connect with Jessica? Find her in our Members Only Slack channel or on LinkedIn!