Is Content Still King? Marketers and CEOs Share Their Strategies for 2023

From taking advantage of AI to leaning on sales enablement, here are 14 answers to the question, "What are the most effective things your marketing team will do to account for the changing Google and content marketing landscape in 2023?"

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Written by AMA Colorado

Use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

In 2023, our marketing team will take an innovative and forward-thinking approach to content marketing. We plan to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop a data-driven strategy hoping to create high-performing and SEO-optimized content. 

In addition, we will collaborate with experts in the industry, using their knowledge to ensure our content marketing strategies are staying in line with changing trends and can remain competitive with current search engine platforms.

Thinking outside the box is essential, as staying ahead of the curve is an important part of success in implementing a powerful content marketing strategy.

Jim Campbell, CEO, Campbell Online Media


Build Trust and Credibility

I'm excited about an upcoming opportunity to speak at an AMA panel at my old university in Boston. However, I'd rather be speaking at AMA Colorado (in the summer). 

As an affiliate manager for over a decade with a former SEO agency past, content marketing is an important aspect of affiliate publishing that had some big shake-ups in 2022. Words now need to be used to build trust and credibility with the readers. 

The key to success is to produce content that is well-researched and visually appealing to please the "Google Gods" and to respect your "E.A.T." Affiliate publishers must adapt quickly to build a visual, well-researched mattress comparison review that has real data and unique stories. 

Parasite SEO content of those top 10 best listicles might not keep working in 2023. So, I'd say the focus will be to make your content pop and then keep going to build up your topical authority.

Brian Hawkins, Marketing Manager, GhostBed


Be Ready for Google Analytics 4 

You are aware of it. It has appeared in your dreams. Perhaps it has even given you nightmares. In 2023, Google Analytics 4 will replace Universal Analytics, which is being phased out. 

There is no reason to be afraid of the changes that GA4 will bring, but it is important to be ready. GA4 introduces a new interface and a completely new method of tracking statistics. GA4 departs from UA's session-based paradigm by being developed around users. Cross-platform analysis and improved pathing analysis are now possible. In addition, GA4 no longer solely relies on cookies, which is in line with a more privacy-conscious online environment. 

The following are some significant lessons learned; start migrating to GA4 now so that when Google formally switches, you've already gathered months' worth of data and are at ease using the new system. You have complete control over how you monitor user behavior and show the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns.

Raviraj Hegde, Head of Growth, Donorbox


Focus on Thought Leadership

Given the changing landscape of Google and even the decrease in click-throughs from search engine results pages (because users are getting their answers without visiting the site connected to it many times), we're doubling down on thought leadership. 

This is because people are still looking for innovative insights and fresh perspectives—something they often can't find on the commodity-filled Google results. This also provides opportunities to lead with a human face and voice, which creates an emotional connection for customers and leads to faster close rates in sales and the building of an audience.

Ali Schwanke, CEO & B2B Marketing Strategist, Simple Strat

Always Follow the Foundational Rules 

Sticking by the golden Google rules will be our plan for 2023 to not overcomplicate items. Usually, Google makes heaps of changes to its algorithm, and the secret recipe of ranking at the top changes in more than a thousand ways every year, which makes it hard enough to crack the code, right? However, our marketing team focused on just fulfilling all the basics and testing out different strategies, which might make Google happy and give a boost to our ranking. 

The old-school practices of building high-quality backlinks, stressing more on better user experience, and adopting a user-centric content approach are in plans for 2023. Google rewards websites that follow their golden protocols. Testing the popular forms of content and using new strategies while completing the tried and tested ones will give us the edge over competitors who are always chopping and changing in the hope of landing on top.

Alex Mastin, CEO & Founder, Home Grounds


Continue Battling Link Spam

In response to Google's recent algorithm changes targeting link spam, content marketers must be even more conscious of providing useful links and securing reputable backlinks. This means that content marketers must weigh the link’s sources they include, as well as the context in which they are placed. 

Content marketers should also focus on creating content that is of high quality and provides real value to readers, and should know link-building techniques that are spammy, such as buying links or taking part in link exchanges. 

By being conscious of these factors, content marketers can ensure Google does not penalize their content and that they are providing readers with useful and relevant information.

Kate Duske, Editor-in-Chief, Escape Room Data


Try Social Listening Tools to Catch SEO Trending Terms

In today's highly competitive content marketing landscape, our team is leveraging social listening tools to catch trending terms early and get a head start in Google rankings. 

By monitoring the conversations and topics that are gaining traction on social media, we can quickly identify and capitalize on new trends before they become mainstream. This helps us to create content that is more relevant to our target audience and to get ahead of the competition in terms of SEO rankings. 

We are confident that this strategy will help us stay ahead of the curve and maintain our competitive edge in the content marketing space.

Michael Alexis, CEO, Tiny Campfire


Adopt Storytelling

Both Google and the content marketing landscape are changing. To combat it, our marketing team will focus on storytelling. Customers form an easy and powerful connection with stories. And if the tales are real or feel real, they catch the customers' attention faster. 

For instance, a customer may visit a brand's website before using its products or services. It's natural to look for reviews from other customers. But if they find case studies of the customers' experience, they will feel more intrigued. 

Also, we can put the features and benefits of our services in storytelling form. This technique can increase the visibility of our website. It can also improve the chance of our website featuring in Google search outcomes.

Ryan Knoll, Owner, Tidy Casa


Sharpen the Ability to Predict Trends

If there's one thing we know for sure, 2023 is likely to see a shift from technical marketing to anticipation marketing. Companies that can anticipate the needs of customers and give them what they want are more likely to stay ahead of the game. 

To do this, teams need to prioritize regular evaluation and brainstorming sessions so they can analyze data from the previous months and expect what customers would like to see next. They also can build a close relationship with a sample group of their target audience and factor their needs into planning and prediction.

Asma Hafejee, Sr. Marketing Executive, CMR Surgical


Create Agile Content Calendars

Markets must be prepared to adjust to the rapid changes in the landscape of content marketing in order to engage consumers with interesting material. In order to remain adaptable and include any topic that might sporadically become the center of attention, our marketing team will concentrate on using agile content calendars in 2023. 

A flexible content calendar makes distributing timely, pertinent information possible. What is intriguing today could not be relevant in a month. To set a higher standard for our company's content marketing, our team will focus on this area.

Sean Harris, Managing Editor, Family Destinations Guide

Keep Content Short

Short-form video has revolutionized the marketing industry, and we believe it will continue to do so in 2023. A startling 90% of marketers that already use short-form video expect to expand or maintain their investment in the upcoming year, while one in five marketers expect to use it for the first time in 2023. 

While long-form films can give consumers a lot of detail and information about a product, brand, or service, B2C and B2B marketers have discovered that short-form videos get straight to the point, and are often significantly more effective.

Besides using less bandwidth, short-form videos are more suited to online audiences' quick attention spans across a range of demographics.

Janie Doyle, Marketing Director, SC Vehicle Hire


Post Voice-Enabled Search Responsive Content 

Marketing is all about latching onto the latest and creating innovative solutions, and since 2023 will be the year for voice-enabled solutions, that's where our marketing team's focus will be. 

After all, when the audience is changing its ways, it only makes sense to respond effectively and offer just what they need. Changes and content upheavals will now include long-form key phrases that our audience will most likely use when searching for solutions we offer. These updates will reflect on every medium, from our web pages to product descriptions. 

We are confident that voice-enabled searches, thanks to the convenience they offer our clientele, will also bring in better marketing results for us as long as we can implement these changes in time.

Brendan McGreevy, Head of Strategy, Affinda


Publish Original Human-Driven Content

Given the explosion in AI-based content writing tools, my team and I will focus on ensuring we are creating original, human-driven content. 

Over time, Google will continue refining its algorithms to penalize heavily AI-driven content. Some third-party AI content detection tools, like Originality.AI, can detect AI with a high degree of accuracy. 

It can be tempting to rely heavily on AI content writing tools to generate content at scale. However, automated link building at scale doesn't work, and automated content at scale won't work either. The key for content marketers will be to figure out how to incorporate these tools to enhance their content rather than solely relying on them.

Axel DeAngelis, Founder, Jumpcoast


Prioritize Sales Enablement 

Our priority in 2023 is sales enablement content that's optimized for search. The long-standing trend for SEO is to chase keyword volume and search trends, leaving you to pivot every time Google changes something. 

Instead, we're working with clients to create sales assets around niche, long-tail keywords that address friction points in the sales cycle; the volume may be low, but the conversion potential is high. 

There is still value in other SEO plays around content that generates links naturally or builds brand awareness through traffic volume, but sales enablement content ensures businesses have what they need to coach conversions and drive results.

James De Roche, Managing Partner, Lead Comet