How to Slay Your SEO Strategy in 2021

At the AMA, we know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical to attracting customers and keeping your website at the top of search engine results. We also know that staying on top of changes and updates to SEO algorithms can be a challenge. 


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Written by Kristy LaPlante

According to the experts at, the rate at which Google and other search engines make changes to their ranking algorithms has significantly increased over the years. While there’s no magic bullet to keeping up with all of these SEO updates, we compiled these 5 SEO Tips & Tricks to help our marketing community master their search engine rankings in 2021.

1. Upgrade your Page Load Speed

In September 2020, Google made a major change to its search ranking algorithm, shifting its primary device preference from desktop to mobile devices. This means that any website with poor mobile optimization, or demonstrating slow performance on mobile devices, started to see significant decreases in visibility – it was harder to show up in search results. Going forward, marketers should use a tool like Page Speed Insights to determine the time required for a website to fully load on mobile and desktop devices, and then update their websites accordingly. Which brings us to our second piece of advice...

2. Design a Mobile-First Web Experience

It’s been more than a decade since Responsive Web Design was developed to customize web browsing experiences to individual users and their devices. Since then, mobile devices have surpassed desktop as the most often-used devices to access the Internet. This shift explains the previously mentioned algorithm change by Google; it also represents a unique opportunity for marketers to upgrade their websites to be mobile-first, rather than mobile-responsive. You may be starting a website redesign project soon – on average, modern marketers reevaluate their websites every 3-5 years. When you do, make sure a mobile-first web template is at the top of your consideration set.

3. Cook with Breadcrumbs

While I can’t offer any useful advice about baking the perfect chicken parmesan for dinner, I can offer a suggestion for the navigational “breadcrumbs” you can use on your websites. Breadcrumbs showcase each of the pages that sit between the page a particular user is currently viewing on your website, and your homepage. Breadcrumbs are also often embedded directly into search engine results. Searchers will use them to decide whether to click on your page, or to click on a different result. This is why breadcrumbs may be the most underrated element to update! Edit the Page Titles on your website or slip this article into your web developer’s lunchbox top optimize this important search element.

4. Don’t Reinvent the Wheel; Just Update It

Here at AMA Colorado, we often hear from marketers who share a common challenge: the ability to create enough digital content to remain relevant across channels. But why create new content, when you can repurpose existing, successful content? Take a look at your most popular content over the past several years, make some updates (especially if rules have changed or technology has advanced since the content was first published), update the publish date to the present, and enjoy the results!

5. Focus on Backlinks.

Backlinks, or links from other sources that point to your website, are still crucial in 2021. Now is a great time to revisit the backlinks you have and make some updates. One easy way to generate backlinking ideas is simply by doing a search for your brand name online. Review any results for your brand name that aren’t you, and then reach out to those page admins to request a link back to your site. You’ll be glad you did! Just remember to focus on backlinks from trusted or reputable sources, as a link from a website with a poor reputation can actually harm your SEO value more than help it.

We hope you enjoyed these tips! Keep visiting our website and be sure to follow us on social media for more tips, tricks and tools for marketers. If you have any feedback about this article, let me know in our Members Only Channel on Slack!

Kristy LaPlante

President-Elect, AMA Colorado
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