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Written by Nicki Massman

Resume Tips

If you are a part of the current workforce, it’s critical to always have a sharp resume that you feel confident about and accurately reflects your expertise and career accomplishments – whether you are currently in the job market looking for a new opportunity or not, you must be prepared with a modern and updated resume in case that dream job lands in your lap and you need to act quickly!

  • Your resume must be prepared in a proper format to get through the automated HR/ATS systems along with compelling content and the appropriate keywords that will engage your audience and accurately reflect your brand to entice a hiring manager or recruiter to contact you.
  • It’s important to include enough information about your expertise without sharing everything you have done throughout your entire career.
  • It’s critical with the automated systems that you customize your resume to job descriptions to showcase how you align with their role.
  • If you are considering pivoting your career in a different direction or taking your career to the next level, you must accurately show your transferable skills so it’s clear to your audience.
  • Your resume is a sales pitch of your expertise and how you can contribute to an organization.
  • Consider working with a professional resume writer to prepare your resume. It could be one of the smartest investments you make to ensure you don’t sell yourself short and all of the best practices are applied to set you up for success.

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