Black History Month Local Business Feature: PA Productions

In honor of Black History Month, we're spotlighting a couple of local Colorado, black-owned businesses you should know about. Get to know PA Productions!

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Written by AMA Colorado

Why did you start your business?

PHOTO-2021-11-06-22-34-17 2I started PA Productions because I have a love and a talent for video and telling stories. Initially, we started filming weddings, because what is a better story to tell, and then expanded my business to really focus on businesses and creating video assets for companies. I realized that businesses all have a story, and that is what connects with their clients or customers, and I wanted to help businesses share their stories. We create video assets that help companies or entrepreneurs save time, build stronger relationships, and also grow and scale their businesses. We work with clients from solopreneurs with a single product or service to companies with a broad range of services or products and a large employee base. The thing that unifies our client base is that they believe that a video is a powerful tool that they want to use in their business.

Tell us about your career journey and the process of launching your own business.









I have a super eclectic background and a bit of a wild journey that brought me to where I'm at today. I am a Colorado Native (Rangeview High School Graduate) and joined the Marine Corps. right after I graduated. This brought me around the world, eventually stationed in Okinawa, Japan and gave me a sense of discipline and a completely different perspective on life and the world.



Getting Ready4


After the Marine Corps. I went to Mt. San Jacinto Junior College and played football there, which landed me a D-1 scholarship to attend the University of Southern Utah. I was involved in Theatre throughout high school, so I majored in Theatre and played football, which is a pretty rare combo. After I graduated, I assumed I would be an actor in front of the camera, but landed a job working as a videographer and was able to travel across the United States.


I enjoyed filming, but it was really when I learned how to edit that my love for video grew into something I saw as a "career" or a way to use my skills to help others. Launching PA Productions has been an amazing opportunity to continuously learn and grow so that I can help my clients grow.

What does Black History Month mean to you?

Black History Month means an opportunity to highlight and reflect on the individual and collective accomplishments of a race of people who were able to overcome impossible circumstances and push forward in a country that thought so little of us. The perseverance of African Americans is absolutely incredible a

nd so inspiring. We as a people have risen to heights unimaginable to many of our ancestors. Coming from where we were looked upon as less than humans, to now being seated in some of the most powerful positions in this country, professionally and politically.

It's also a moment to champion the many contributions that have been made and are continuing to be made to add to our American History. Interestingly enough, it also fills my heart with pride and sadness to recognize where we are in this country. Sadness, because of the incredible tragedies we've had to endure and continue to battle in order to find our rightful place in this country. And immense pride, BECAUSE of what we've been through in order to get to where we are now, and the opportunities that have been created because of our struggle. All-in-all I guess I would summarize what Black History Month means to me is "Never Settling."

Where can we follow you?

You can follow me on Facebook: @PAproductions303, Instagram: @paul_t_simmons, Linkedin: @paul-simmonsdenver, and now TikTok: @pauloffthewall1


Thanks for sharing your story Paul!