CapSumo focuses on helping digital marketers boost leads with their existing website traffic. Digital Marketers fuel company growth. They influence our actions and ultimately drive revenue. And it’s awesome. They create call-to-action (CTAs) with messages, images, pop-up forms, and click buttons to get our attention and take action. Our customers spend time, energy, and money ($ Millions) to identify interested prospects and leads. We love it when it works, but it doesn’t always get all the results we are looking for.

12 Proven Conversion Optimization Strategies to Get Your Visitors to Take Action {Partner Post}

By CapSumo

Here are 12 ways marketers can optimize their web presence to encourage site visitors to engage with their pages and, ultimately, convert:

  1. Add a guarantee

Include a no-questions-asked refund policy on all purchases. This reduces risk, and...