An Inside Look at Our Members Only Slack Channel

Hear from Director of Community Engagement, Trevor Loeschen, for an inside look to our AMA Colorado Members Only Slack Channel.

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Written by AMA Colorado

If you’ve been a member since 2020 or before, you’ve likely seen us talk about our Members Only Slack Channel. What we have not talked about yet is the how and why behind this new benefit, and who best to give that insight than our Director of Community Engagement, Trevor Loeschen.

Q: First off, how did you get your start as a Community Manager?

A: I had the opportunity to manage my first coworking space back in Iowa while I was in college. I started as the Digital Marketing Intern and within a semester was running the space on my own. Today, I am the Community Manager at Green Spaces Coworking in downtown Denver. I love the nature of coworking where you can build community, generate new ideas, become inspired, and create a business. Being in community with others has always been a priority for me, and a coworking space is the perfect place to do that.

Q: What gave you the idea to launch this new Member perk in 2020?

A: In my mind, this channel helped fill the gap that was created when AMA wasn’t able to meet in 2020. I think one of the biggest benefits of being a part of an organization like AMA is the casual conversation before & after scheduled events. This is where you truly build relationships and are able to capitalize on your network. The vision of this channel is to recreate just that. A place where you can at any time ‘bump into’ another member of the community and start a conversation.

Q: Why was it so important to launch this channel this year?

A: Unfortunately with the times we’re in building community with others is really hard. Essentially what I’ve tried to create is getting the ‘water cooler talks’ back for members that they’re missing by working from home. With our channels you’re able to do a number of things: bounce marketing ideas off masterminds in the industry, be the first to see top Colorado companies post positions, or get paired with a fellow marketer for a virtual coffee.

Q: How has your work experience helped you decide how to structure these channels?

A: My work experience has helped quite a bit with the launching of the Members Only Slack Channel. I went into this project already knowing what people are looking for from a virtual community. [We offer virtual coworking memberships] I was able to get mistakes out of the way with my current company, and immediately structured beneficial channels that worked for our community. In saying that, I always welcome feedback and am open to ideas on how to make this member benefit as valuable as possible.

Q: What is your favorite part of the Members Only Slack Channel?

A: My favorite part about the Members Only Slack Channel is easily our ‘Meet Marketers’ channel. In this channel we are utilizing the app extension ‘donut’ which randomly pairs you with a fellow AMA member every two weeks. From there, you’re able to grab a coffee virtually or in person. This is a fantastic way to broaden your network and meet all the awesome & brilliant people in this organization.

Q: Why should members join in the conversation on Slack?

A: For me, it’s a no-brainer. You’re receiving access to some of the greatest minds of marketing in Colorado. All you have to do is log-in and contribute. Whether it’s posting a job, proposing an industry question, or sharing an awesome article you just read. It doesn’t even have to be professional. We have an entire channel called “Coffee Break” where you can post anything on your mind.

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