AMA Colorado Is Committed To Increasing DE&I Within Our Chapter, and Our Community

This year AMA Colorado is committed to increasing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within our chapter, and our community.

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Written by Corey Lakow

We are three months into our board year so I would like to provide an update. 

This year we added a new role to our board – Director of Diversity Equity and Inclusion, and I am happy to announce that this month Maureen Maycheco will be stepping into this position.

Maureen leads communications for the Colorado Nonprofit Association, and she has a passion for DEI.

We have already started to see the impact of adding her to our team, and are excited to get started preparing a workshop in early 2021 on the relationship between DEI + Marketing.

Stay tuned for more information early next year!

In addition to adding a director of DEI to our board we have also joined a group of chapters across America that have committed to the AMA DEI Pledge. 

The pledge is a grassroots effort to unite and amplify underrepresented voices, and use our platform to create a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable future. I have included the details of the pledge below.

We look forward to providing additional updates throughout the year on how we continue to make progress on this very important initiative. 


Thank you,

Corey Lakow

AMA Colorado President – 2020-21