7 Best Practices To Grow Your Email Lists {Partner Post}

Email marketing is a terrific way to generate or boost your business leads. However, it’s only useful if you are reaching the right subscribers.

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Written by CapSumo

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Email marketing is a terrific way to generate or boost your business leads. However, it’s only useful if you are reaching the right subscribers. With that thought in mind, it’s a good idea to review your email contact lists regularly; for example, keeping your tags and segments up to date. After all, your goal is to retain customers and expand your email subscription lists.

We suggest putting these 7 best practices in place to grow your email subscriptions. These steps can help you reach your ideal customers, keep your email subscription lists robust, and boost your lead generation efforts. 

1. Create killer content that your customers will look forward to reading.

We’ve said it before, and we’re repeating ourselves because it still rings true. Great content is king — especially when it comes to building email subscriptions. Give your customers the kind of information they will look forward to seeing in their inboxes. Plus, quality content makes you as an expert in your field, and fewer customers will opt-out if they appreciate what you share with them. This step may sound simple, but don’t take it for granted. Listen to the feedback you get from your loyal customers and use it to design quality content. It creates a win-win for everyone: You and them.

2. Encourage new subscriptions by the sharing and forwarding of your content.

This second step goes together with building killer content. If you’ve already taken the time to create compelling content, why not allow your customers the option to share it? It pays to encourage your customers to share your content with others. A simple “Subscribe Here” call to action link can do the trick, along with ways to forward the content. We recommend placing a “Subscribe Here” link at the bottom section of your email campaigns. We also recommend using social media links or a CTA such as an “Email a Friend” button for forwarding your content. 

3. Shorten the length of your initial lead-capture forms (and get the most out of your data capture with CapSumo’s help). 

Keeping things simple is often better when it comes to data capture for lead generation. Take it from our experts at CapSumo; they know how to make the most out of your data capture, especially abandoned fields, and can guide you in the best direction. While it may seem tempting to capture a lot of information upfront on your first lead-capture form, it can turn away some customers. We recommend starting with two to three fields at the beginning and capturing more as you build rapport with your customers. 

 And remember to utilize CapSumo to recover abandoned form data and get more leads as you grow your business and utilize new forms. CapSumo is the #1 Conversion Optimization (CRO) tool for marketers.

4. Reassure your subscribers that you won’t spam them.

No one likes to be surprised in a bad way. Be clear about what your subscribers can expect from you upfront. For example: “Subscribe here to get for our free, weekly e-newsletter.” Also, include instructions for how subscribers can unsubscribe. While you don’t want to see them go, integrity and transparency go hand-and-hand when it comes to building quality subscription lists, too.

5. Segment your lists to reach specific marketing goals and to retain the right subscribers.

Another way to keep your subscription lists intact and healthier is to make sure the right content is going to the right audiences. Running A/B tests on different versions is a great way to feel out what works for individual customers while catering to specific marketing segments.

6. Create a sign-up slider as a CTA.

Consider adding a sign-up slider on your website for collecting new subscriptions. You can utilize it for exclusive offers you might build on social media, too. (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.)

7. Offer exclusives and giveaways as part of your content. 

Many potential or new customers are likely to subscribe to receive your offers and exclusives that interest them. This tool includes online resources; think discounts, special deals, templates, or white papers. 

According to a recent study by GetApp, 22.6% of email subscribers said discounts and special deals were one of the top reasons to sign up for email list. For female respondents, it was the number one reason.



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– Written by Joe Caston, founder of CapSumo

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