AMA Colorado Board Virtually Kicks Off The New Year

See how the 2020-2021 Board of Directors kicked off the new year for AMA Colorado!

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Written by AMA Colorado


Every July, AMA Colorado kicks off a new board year by meeting to discuss goals and strategy for how we can better support our members. With 2020 being such an unusual year, our team is facing the challenge of how to create unique experiences while being physically distant from each other. We are ready to face this challenge head-on, and will be bringing new and engaging virtual events to the Colorado Marketing community.

We also had keynote speaker, Sunjay Nath, share insights about his trademark “10-80-10 Principle”. This business strategy Nath attributes to Apple’s great success, as it is a powerful framework that impacts the performance of individuals and organizations as a whole. The first 10% represents the employees who are excited and motivated about their jobs, who will jump through hoops to achieve both personal and professional goals for the benefit of all. Comparatively, the bottom 10% are those who show up late, leave early, and complain often. Nath described the 80% majority as followers, or those who are motivated by whichever group appears to be the most empowered. Nath also emphasized that 400 years of civilization has proven that action follows action and inaction follows inaction; this behavior describes how the 80% follow those around them.

Nath also explained it is not necessarily bad to be in the bottom 10% at times, suggesting that to a certain extent we’re all living in the three levels in different parts of our lives at different times. But to achieve the greatest success, no matter what role you play in business, he suggests not utilizing resources to convince the bottom 10%, and instead focus on the top 10% who will embrace change, motivate the majority and magnify positivity throughout the organization leading to greater success.

Sunjay Nath earned a bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Engineering where 80% of his fellow students failed. He also holds an MBA, was a founding partner in a multi-million-dollar e-learning company in Toronto and was inducted into the Canadian Professional Speakers Hall of Fame in 2018. He’s the author of “The 10-80-10 Principle” and a contributing author to “The ABCs of Student Leadership”. 

The AMA Colorado team left our virtual retreat excited and ready to take on any challenge this year brings. Our team is committing to provide opportunities for Colorado professionals to connect, learn, and grow. Now more than ever those opportunities are vital to our community’s continued growth and success.

Cheers to a new year, and all it will bring!