12 Proven Conversion Optimization Strategies to Get Your Visitors to Take Action {Partner Post}

Here are 12 ways marketers can optimize their web presence to encourage site visitors to engage with their pages and, ultimately, convert:

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Written by CapSumo

CapSumo Partner Blog Article about Conversion Optimization

Here are 12 ways marketers can optimize their web presence to encourage site visitors to engage with their pages and, ultimately, convert:

  1. Add a guarantee

Include a no-questions-asked refund policy on all purchases. This reduces risk, and increase sales. 

  1. Include as few fields in your forms as possible

When asking for information in an email opt-in form, ask for as little information as necessary.

  1. Use testimonials

Testimonials provide trust and provide social proof.  Use them on product landing pages, pricing pages, and registration forms. 

  1. Use an abandoned lead capture tool

Lead capture platforms help marketers instantly convert abandon forms into leads. More than 70 percent of all web forms are abandoned and it continues to plague digital marketers. The truth is…. You lose leads and sales from form abandonment.

The CapSumo Lead Capture Platform enables marketers to boost business revenues by refurbishing leads that they already have. With the help of advanced form analytics, users can capture data from visitors in real-time to boost conversions. Users can even gain insights such as location, IP address, device, and much more. 

Start growing your leads, improve your conversions, and reduce form abandonment.

  1. Clearly state how your product solves their problem

Listing the features of your product is important, but it’s even more important to tell potential customers exactly how your product will help them or solve their problem.

  1. Get an attention grabbing headline

Your headline is perhaps the single most important element of your landing page. 

  1. Incorporate strong calls to action (CTAs) into every piece of content on your site

Let your readers know what you want them do next, whether that’s click a button, read a blog post, or fill out a form.

  1. Test your CTA button

Your “buy now” or “order now” button may perform quite differently depending on where it’s placed, what color it is, and how big it is. Test out several variations to see which ones perform best. 

  1. Include a privacy statement on opt-in forms.

Your privacy policy can have a huge impact on your email conversions. 

  1. Get your visitors excited. Tell them a Story

Amazing storytelling to get your visitors eager and excited to try your product. 

  1. Use a chat tool

Offer live chat to help answer questions and alleviate any concerns potential customers may have

  1. Make sure you include contact info

Give your customers trust and confidence in buying from you by including complete contact info in an easily accessible location.


– Written by Joe Caston, founder of CapSumo

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