11 Career Opportunities for Marketers Today

What is the best career opportunity marketers should consider in 2022?

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Written by AMA Colorado

To help you identify the best Marketing career opportunities, we asked career coaches and marketing professionals this question for their best recommendations. From Content Marketing to Consumer Behavior Analytics, there are several careers that are recommended as the best opportunities for marketers to pursue in 2022.

Here are 11 career opportunities for marketers in 2022:

  • Content Marketing
  • Founding a Startup 
  • Data Scientist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Copywriting 
  • Public Relations 
  • Community Managers
  • Pay-per-Click Specialist
  • Digital Marketing
  • Consumer Behavior Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing

As someone who rose up to a marketing leadership position by way of content marketing, I think walking the content path is a great way to build a career. Being a good content marketer means building a deeper relationship with your audience than other marketing disciplines. It also teaches you how to brief and manage the creative side, how to measure and optimize performance through a long conversion funnel, and even tenants of lifecycle and sales enablement.

Bottom line, it's something people are still struggling to do well, and it gives you great exposure to quite a few types of marketing. You'll have a great opportunity to shine.

Elliott Brown, OnPay


Founding a Startup

One of the smartest moves for a marketer in 2022 is to take a chance at a startup they believe in. At startups, nothing is set in stone, so it's a constant learning experience for everyone– whether it’s about the product/service, the competitive landscape, different customers, etc.– and everyone has hands in all tasks so they can fine-tune a wide array of skills. For marketers today, working at startups gives professionals the rare opportunity to learn every area of the business and leave a lasting mark on it, which is priceless when it comes to building both confidence and competence.

Greg Gillman, MuteSix


Data Scientist

Numbers and data are a big and integral part of any business. Hiring a marketer to engage a larger audience is great but it's also important for the business to see whether they are actually able to engage or not. In 2022, people are playing when it comes to numbers, and hiring a data scientist that can actually tell how much improvement they are having and whether the strategy is working or not for them is a wise decision. Hence, every company is investing in data scientists so that they can be wise with their decisions.

A data scientist reads the data and metrics, analyses them, and comes up with the best solution and strategy they have. This helps the company oversee their marketing strategy as well as their business. Also, this gives a rough point of how much time they'll take to grow.

Meera Watts, Siddhi Yoga International Pte. Ltd.


Social Media Manager

In recent years, social media has become one of the most important channels for businesses of all sizes to reach their target audiences. As such, there is a growing demand for professionals who are not only skilled in social media but also have the ability to strategy and manage social media campaigns.

While the role of a social media manager may vary from company to company, the core responsibilities usually include creating and curating content, engaging with users, and analyzing data to track the performance of a campaign and identify areas for improvement. With the right mix of skills and experience, a social media manager can expect to enjoy a long and successful career in marketing.

Danielle Bedford, Coople



For seasoned writers with a background in marketing, copywriting at an ad agency or a marketing company can be a fantastic opportunity in 2022. The more experience you have, the higher probability of you earning a salary around the $75,000 mark. Responsibilities include brainstorming with associate creative directors to develop engaging copy for advertising campaigns. Matching the tone for a particular client is key, as you need to be able to capture a brand’s voice effectively.

Gerald Lombardo, The Word Counter


Public Relations

Social media has become the driving force in branding any company's image. An assertive public relations warrior will increase sales and traffic to any of your popular social media channels for success. Representing clients by growing engagement places the business upfront in the public eye for the most promotional impact. Look no further and find a substantial opportunity to market your public relations skills.

Yooseok gong, Ohora


Community Manager

The link between a brand and their audience has never been more important. A job as a community manager might be right up the alley of a savvy marketing professional. Community managers act as the bridge between their brand and the community built around it. It’s a great job for people who enjoy communicating and interacting with others, as well as people who have a good instinct for dealing with the ebb and flow of audience expectations.

Being a community manager can be an exciting and active job when compared to certain other marketing roles. It’s a key marketing role that will become even more essential for the future of the modern business.

Alex Chavarry, Cool Links


Pay-per-Click Specialist

PPC, or pay-per-click, is a form of online advertising in which businesses place ads on third-party websites and only pay when those ads are clicked on by users. As the name suggests, this model of advertising can be extremely effective in driving traffic to a website; however, it can also be quite complex and time-consuming to manage. That's where a PPC specialist comes in.

A PPC specialist is responsible for planning, executing, and managing a company's PPC campaigns. This includes tasks such as keyword research, ad copywriting, bid management, and performance tracking. Given the complex and ever-changing nature of PPC, those who wish to pursue a career in this field will need to have a strong understanding of both the technical aspects of PPC and the latest best practices.

Todd Saunders, BIG Safety


Digital Marketing

It has been the fastest-growing industry for the past 10 years, and the trend is expected to continue in the coming years. As the majority of consumers are now turning to online sources for advice on purchases and other life decisions, marketers who understand how to use digital channels to engage with their target audiences will benefit from this shift in advertising.

Daniel Chen, Airgram


Consumer Behavior Analytics

Behavior modification is a key component of marketing, so it should be no surprise that a career in consumer behavior using data analytics is a great opportunity for marketers to consider. Especially for marketers who are more interested in working with technical data insights than in creative design or copywriting, roles in consumer behavior are becoming increasingly important to inform all other marketing activities.

Mastering consumer behavior matters, whether marketing to existing or future customers, as well as managing predictive modeling to forecast trends before they occur. As companies strive to gain a competitive edge, marketers help lead the way by leaning on consumer insights before a campaign strategy even launches.

Benjamin Meskin, Cabrella


Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms' prominence is not going away anytime soon. But what makes you want to pursue a career in social media marketing? This can be the appropriate digital marketing career for you if you appreciate staying on top of the newest news, trends, and technology online and joining new social media networks before they become popular.

As a social media manager, you'll need to be familiar with every facet of your company's social media presence. Because marketing is so important right now, timeliness and relevancy are vital. Ultimately, because social media marketing is a two-way street, you must always put your customers first.

Ayman Zaidi, GreatPeopleSearch



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